Friday, April 13, 2012

Short Film Review The Beast

Director: Peter Dukes
Writer: Peter Dukes
Stars: Bill Oberst, Jr, Peter Le Blas and Alexander Le Blas
Reviewed by Char Hardin
Short - Horror
3 Out of 5
“What would you have me do…he’s my boy!”

A loving father will do anything for his child and in this short film from writer/director Peter Dukes, Michel must choose. It should be an easy decision, but for Michel, nothing is as it seems, when it pertains to his sons’ affliction during full moons. The ending will leave you screaming…"NO…it can’t be over!”

Bill Oberst, Jr. known to the Horror Community as “The Creepy Guy” showed a tender vulnerable side in THE BEAST. Peter Dukes had some minor details wrong…but what he got right was casting: Bill as Michel the father of the afflicted boy Jacob (Alexander Le Blas) and Peter Le Blas as Douglas brother to Michel as their performances were believable and at the end…it will leave audiences wanting more. Short films are glimpses into storylines and after a short time spent watching this one…I want to see more.

BEAST was made on a shoestring budget of $600 and given more of a budget and some fine tuning of minor details, then Dukes would have a potential thriller on his hands.

My recommendations would be do a sweep of the area before filming, so objects that do not belong, in the film are removed before filming. Research clothing styles and make sure they coincide properly with the story’s time period. Pay attention to dialect, so that it flows steady. I am not raking the director over the coals; I am mentioning some details that showed themselves to me, while watching the film. I still think the storyline is good and the acting was good and set-up the scenes well and yes, I would be like to see a full feature with these characters and their fine actors.

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  1. Char, Joie, Colleen & Sheri -

    Thank you for taking a look at Peter Dukes' film. I was eager to be a part of it because it was a nod to old-school classic horror. Plus I like accents :) Glad you enjoyed and appreciate your kindness in posting about it.

    very best,