Saturday, April 21, 2012

More poetry from Anna Marie

I vessel innocence and aspire seduction, though I have self centered thoughts the world remains uninterrupted, by all the little thinkers in my head, moving round full and well fed, by the planets that caress my gentle head, by the stars that still stay when you're dead, the sky is eternal and we're forever, my face is pretty but my body's nasty weather, that's ok because no other can harness, the sanctity of life and place her life where her charm is, where will you find the patterns without your blinkers, how can you turn right if you decide to quit her, maybe it was you or maybe it was me, or maybe it was the sea that lead to our bitter tea, maybe it was the words or maybe it was the pollution, all this air leads to frantic misleads and false conclusions, I sign wavers in my mind to pass all my bias votes, they get vetoed every time I drop anchors from my boat, and remind me of all the times I've sacrificed my intellect for objective pleasure, where I worried about time and whether my mascara had feathered, where I allowed an audience to grant me my self love and strong might, I'll never go back again, I'll never succumb to their twisted version of light, where beauty is skin deep and scars are unholy, they've pushed me towards shyness and casual self loathing, when in reality and in the eyes of the universe, I'm the most beautiful thing to have ever churned out a verse, and every eyesore is an experience and a view, of reality and all the cards I've refused to que, you look up and baby then you look down, you realize you're the one pressed against unforgiving ground, when I'm riding clouds and dancing with my soul, magnum opus has lied and forced upon me irrelevant goals, I'm not meant to look or be anything other than what the moon has given me, I only carry within me what is alive and what is free.
Anna Marie  ~*~ 


  1. this is like art and music in written form- flowing and beautiful- this gal- damn- the world better be ready!