Sheri White

Sheri White

Sheri White is not your typical suburban mom.  She has three girls, ages 23, 16 and 14 and lives in a small town in Maryland.  Married for 19 years, her husband has grown used to her love of all things horror, and puts up with the many stacks of books around the house.  Music-wise, Sheri is stuck in the 60s, 70s and 80s, and is a complete Beatles freak.

In addition to reviewing for The Mavens of Horror, she also reviews for The Bag and the Crow,, The Future Fire, Horror Drive-In and The Horror Fiction Review. There are probably a few others she’s forgetting* .  She writes short stories and has been published in several anthologies and small press zines.

You can find her on Facebook pretty much anytime, since she’s attached to her lap at any given point during the day.  If not surfing, she’s writing, reviewing, editing/proofreading, or being bothered by one of her dogs, usually Jack, who is ridiculously needy.  And as fitting any good horror lover, she has a black cat named Magic.

Sheri is glad to be part of The Mavens of Horror, and reviewing on yet another site with her friend Colleen.

*Editor Note: Any sites overlooked will be added. :)