Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mavens of Horror: My Bloody Valentine Podcast

The Mavens of Horror have risen from the ashes and birthed a new cast. It is my pleasure as a returning Maven to introduce to you my newest Maven Joie Dunham Parent. Jo is a model/actress/writer/producer of Baton Rouge,Louisiana. And this is her first Mavens podcast.

We are joined on this momentus occasion by 5 very special authors of today's Horror, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance fiction. They are Lisa Kessler, SJ Davis, Bonnie Bernard, Deborah Noel and Rue Volley. I say 5 authors and technically there are 6...I, Char Hardin will join the ranks of published authors,  February 29th, when the anthology Dark Light published by Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly becomes available to purchase.

Joie and I hope you all enjoy our first podcast. We had a blast with the ladies. I will warn you however, we had some technical difficulties and at times there are some echos. I am the one that edits these shows and I tried to fix it and could not. I added background music to take the sting away as much as I can. The authors said go for it. So we did and hope you enjoy it...flaws and giggles and all.

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Lisa Kessler

SJ Davis

Bonnie Bernard

Deborah Noel

Rue Volley

All background songs were found on youtube.com

Book Trailers:



  1. That was a fun night! :)

    Thanks for sharing the book trailers too!!! You rock!!!

    Lisa :)

    1. You are welcome Lisa! Glad you enjoyed out little "orgy"! Char & Jo. :)

  2. I have some authors who would be interested in doing podcasts- how do I sign them up for one?