Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book Review Scarla

By BC Furtney
Comet Press 2011
Colleen Wanglund

Scarla Fragran was the youngest female kickboxing champion in history.  Now as a cop’s widow, Scarla is working undercover to help put a stop to a disease that seems to be spreading on the streets.  It affected her husband and she wants to know what it is and how to stop it.  Her handler Facil LeTour was Scarla’s husband’s partner.  He knows what they went through.  He’s also in love with Scarla and wants to do everything he can to help her.
Because Scarla was exposed to the disease by her dead husband, she can sense when someone infected will change….but only during sex.  All along for those running the secret assignment Scarla and her husband proved to be nothing more than guinea pigs.  Now LeTour must sit back while Scarla plays prostitute and spirals downward to her own destruction. 
Scarla is dark, somber, and extreme.  It is quite violent and sexually graphic, so it’s definitely not for kids.  Scarla is a horror story of therianthropy which makes for a nice change of pace from the standard were-tale.  The virus, which is a sexually transmitted disease, causes people to transform into something other than human, but instead of a werewolf the changes consist of an amalgam of different animals.  Scarla herself is an interesting character.  She is very sympathetic, especially once you, the reader, realize things are happening to her that she is completely unaware of.  The end has a nice unpredictable twist with hints of an impending apocalypse.  I thoroughly enjoyed Scarla and had a tough time putting it down.

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