Thursday, May 3, 2012

Book Review Bite Club

Bite Club by Hal Bodner
Reviewed by Sheri White

West Hollywood, California - home of many gay people, who find it a safe place to live and play.  But lately things have gotten dangerous.  Several gay men have been found dead, drained of all blood.  Clive Anderson, Captain of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station, is at a loss to solve the cases, even with the help of the city coroner, Becca O’Brien.  She is baffled by the murders, and thinks there is a serial killer loose in the city.

She calls an old friend, Chris Driscoll.  She had a crush on him in college and was dismayed when she found out he was gay.  But they have kept in touch, and Chris is somewhat an expert on serial killers.  He and his boyfriend, Troy, travel to West Hollywood to see what Chris can contribute to the investigation.  But Chris has a secret of his own, and he’s afraid of who - or what - is actually killing the city’s gay men.

Bite Club is a great read.  I’m not a huge vampire fan, but I was drawn in right from the beginning.  The characters are real and funny, and have their own quirks.  The vampires are not the usual Nosferatu or Bela Lugosi vampires; some are vicious and some are just living their lives, minding their own business.

Whether you like vampires or not, pick up Bite Club.  You can tell Hal had a blast writing it, and you’ll have a fun time reading it.

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